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How to Increase Workspace Productivity

A blog about how Room Manager helps increase workspace productivity.

Increasing workspace productivity is a hard thing to do. There are literally thousands of products out there that make this claim, but do they actually work? In this blog post, I’ll be going over how Room Manager helps increase workspace productivity by managing your office layout.

The goal of Room Manager is to help you manage your office space more easily and efficiently. Whether you are the Facility Manager, or work in the Office Services department, or even if you’re just a coworker, we think Room Manager will help your office be more productive.

Workspace productivity requires constant monitoring of space occupation for your team to remain engaged, flexible, and efficient.

Modern-era business is highly dependent on workspace productivity. With the recent advancement in technology, more and more companies are making use of flexible working hours and have come up with several ways to make their employees get the best out of the available space. Yet, it doesn’t always seem to work for teams are distributed across different locations. They often struggle to find a balance between working productively and setting up their workplace environment according to their needs. This can be easily solved with the use of intelligent workspace management software that can act as the gatekeeper of your office space and automatically decide who is given priority over it.

I have identified six traits that make up a great workspace management tool

Workspace management is more than just managing space. It’s all about how to optimize, how to make the most out of the space you have. A workspace management tool should help you manage your entire portfolio, giving you insight into all aspects:


1. How much space do I have? Number of desks, number of locations and floors

2. What are the defined use cases for desk and workspace management and booking?

3. What is the current problem and pains? What do we want to change exactly?

4. How can we optimize the booking experience for the employees?

5. How efficiently am I using my spaces?

6. Who is using what and when for how long?

The software tools are available. Does every employee have access to the applications and devices they need to get their desk and space reservations done? Different channels for reservations can be opened. Outlook, Interactive Floorplans and Forms, and last but not least Mobile Apps for a quick booking of any space.

The first characteristic of an effective workspace management solution is that it should be easy to use

The first characteristic of an effective workspace management solution is that it should be easy to use. It doesn’t matter if the tool has all the bells and whistles imaginable if no one can figure out how to use them. In addition, it should provide a solution for each member of your team, from administrative assistants to executives to IT staff.

Your workspace management tool should allow you to do everything from booking and scheduling meetings, to managing resources and facilities, to controlling access and security, to generating reports and analytics. But the most important function it should perform is to improve productivity on your team across the board.

The key is finding a solution that integrates easily with the technology tools you already use so that you can maintain a consistent experience — not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of branding and design.

If you already use Microsoft 365 which comes with the Microsoft Power Platform, which are Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Virtual agents Room Manger would be a good fit. It runs as a solution on your Microsoft 365 tenant. All compliance, GDPR and Security levels are already set for you. Integrated to your Active Direytory, means all user can use thier exisiting Office 365 User Id’s.

Characteristics of an effective workplace management software are that it has to be completely user-friendly and easy to use

An effective workplace management software has to be completely user-friendly and easy to use. It should be easily operated by all the staff members in an organization, from the manager to the entry-level employees. A system that is only understood by a few people is pretty much useless for the rest of the workers.

A good workplace management software should also be able to grow with your company. As your organization grows, you will want to expand your software to cater to more employees and other features. You need flexible software that allows you to add more features and functionality without disrupting the entire system.

In addition, good workplace management software should also fully support mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. This allows employees to access their work wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet. This means that you do not have to be at the office all day long in order for you to keep track of how works are progressing at your workplace.

The third characteristic of effective workspace management software is that it should make staff aware of how they are working, where they are working, and if they are working effectively

Knowing where people are in the office is vital for supporting workplace operations such as catering, cleaning, security, and post-room services. It also enables managers to understand where their employees spend their time so that they can identify under-utilized areas or areas that need to be repurposed.


Staff should be able to plan their workday in advance and be aware of where they can work. They can then book a space that will help them focus or collaborate, depending on the task at hand.

Workspace management software can help staff understand the best times for them to perform specific tasks. If you know, for example, that you work well in an open environment and are able to collaborate effectively from 10 am–12 pm, then your workspace management software can help you identify an area within your office where this type of collaboration is possible.

The fourth characteristic of an effective workspace management tool is that it should provide actionable insights on how to improve staff's digital efficiency

Productivity is one of the most critical aspects of an organization. It’s no surprise then that businesses spend quite a bit of money on products that can facilitate productivity. However, it can be hard to tell what are the best methods for improving the productivity of your workspace. Fortunately, we have some suggestions!


The first thing you’ll need to do is identify your ideal workspace configuration. Do you work better at a desk in a quiet room? Maybe you prefer working in a spacious office with plenty of natural light. There are many different configurations that could lead to increased productivity so consider your options and think about where you would be most productive.

Once you’ve identified the right type of workspace for yourself, it’s time to get started! To help make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone’s happy, follow these tips on how to arrange your new office space:

The solution should handle amenities and keywords. So employees can filter or search for a desk on the second floor at the London office, which has a free-standing desk or a desk with 2 monitors for samples.

Finding a colleague is another sample of a use case that is very popular. You search first for a colleague and want to sit on a desk free next to him for a given location date and time

The fifth characteristic of an effective software system is that it needs to work within your existing infrastructure, allowing for easy integration into the existing workflow processes you have in place for your organization or business

This is important because changing your workflow processes can be time-consuming and costly. You want to purchase a system that will work with your current processes so you don’t have to work around it. A sample is the change of the office floorplans. You don’t want to be dependent on your solution provider for each change of a sitting plan, or want to add or remove desks and rooms.


It has to be flexible enough for future growth and changing needs. If you need a new business flow related to your requirements or expand the functionality into new areas of expertise, your business is bound to change over.

A productive workspace is a happy workspace. We’re not just saying that to hear ourselves talk — it’s true! You only have to look at the many studies that have found links between productivity and happiness, as well as the relationship between cleanliness and productivity, to understand how important it is for you to work in a space that’s both neat and orderly.

While we can’t help you make your colleagues or clients any tidier, we can help you take control of your own workspace by providing a few tips on how to increase productivity. From getting your equipment set up correctly, to employing a few nifty management tools, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Awareness of Employee Experience becomes key in the modern workspace and hybrid work environment.

Room Manager is an All in one Microsoft 365 based Resource Booking solution for Workspaces, Desks, Rooms, Parkings, Catering, and Equipment, using the Microsoft Power Platform

Advantages: Designed for mid-sized to large businesses to manage rooms, capacity, and reservation for any type of business resource.

Benefits: Integrates with other all-in-one solution Microsoft 365 products, such as SharePoint, Exchange, Azure Active Directory. Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform.

Unlocks new streams of revenue for small, mid-sized, and large enterprises by creating a complete workspace experience around booking and awareness.

Save time and increase efficiency with the best booking software for resources.

Provide flexibility required by shared offices

Increased productivity, employees are more productive and get the office environment they deserve


Based on the Microsoft Power Platform, the Room Manager is created to facilitate booking rooms, parking spaces, and catering requests in a secure and organized way, with capabilities of integration through different channels like Outlook, Interactive visual floorplans, Mobile App and Booking Forms.


Room Manager has the features to make the work more enjoyable and that you have full control of demand and reservation requests.

The all-in-one multi-tenant Microsoft 365 based resource booking solution for workspaces, desks, catering, and equipment.

Attention: Workspaces, Desks, Parkings, and Catering Bookings has never been easier. Now offered by Room Manager.

Interest: Booking your most relevant assets and information has never been easier. Our powerful platform connects to both your favorite apps and Microsoft 365

Desire: We will help you keep things in sync thanks to our platform that allows you to get the information at the right time and in the right space.

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With Room Manager, the office manager and their team can easily manage bookings from a web platform, from a mobile app, or from any other device that is connected to the internet. The system runs on Office 365 and uses the Microsoft Power platform so you won’t have to worry about data loss. With Room Manager, you’ll see an immediate impact on optimizing your office space.

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