Visual Interactive Floor Plan Booking

Interactive floor plan for desk and room booking

We hear from so many customers who want to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies but aren’t sure how to get started. Microsoft Power Platform is a great solution for your organization that has been around for a number of years.

Here are a few ways Room Manager Desk Booking can help you plan the layout of your new office

Tired of spending valuable time drawing the floor plan? Forget about it. With Room Manager, you can do it visually, in seconds! Add and delete desks and rooms, move them around. Employees can also book your room and desk directly from the same screen – absolutely easy way to book a room for yourself and see what is free at the moment.

We designed ROOMMANAGER 365 especially for companies with multiple locations and floors.

office 365 and ROOM MANAGER

Employee Experience

With a room and desk reservation system with a real-time view of room availability and the ability to book meeting rooms at or away from their desks, employees have the support they need to enable seamless, efficient, and safe collaboration. 

Room Manager Desk Booking System is a web and mobile app designed to enhance the employee experience by bringing a visual approach to scheduling. Its user-friendly interface allows employees to book, move and cancel bookings directly from the web, from a mobile app, and from a visual interactive floor plan. It runs on office 365 and is integrated into the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Space and Workplace Management

Facility asset management: A tool that works on-site, globally, and remotely, to capture inventory data anywhere and at any time. Uses asset ID, scan a barcode or QR code to track asset by type, location, assignment, and contract details.

Facility maintenance: Manage scheduled and preventative maintenance. Dispatch notifications to the facility team via email or smartphone notifications.

Desk Booking Solution

The benefits and reasons why you should use Desk Booking System.

desk Booking App

Download the app and start booking your desk, rooms and resources.

Interactive Floorplan

Tired of spending valuable time drawing the floor plan? Forget about it. With Room Manager, you can do it visually, in seconds!

Power Platform

This “Power Platform” refers to the best technology out there that can help you power your business.

rent & book anything that has a seat

With Room Manager, the office manager and their team can easily manage bookings from a web platform, from a mobile app, or from any other device that is connected to the internet. The system runs on Office 365 and uses the Microsoft Power platform so you won’t have to worry about data loss. With Room Manager, you’ll see an immediate impact on optimizing your office space.

BookMe is the easiest way to book workspace or find a good co-working space near you.

Room Manager 365 Room and Desk Bookinf

“A Cut Above SaaS Competitors: Jane, the Office Manager Who Values Data Ownership”

Diane Jones

Book your desk on-the-go!

Room Manager for Microsoft 365 Desk Booking

“With a smart office space planning tool, get intelligent recommendations and automate workplace changes to keep employees safely distanced and avoid wasted space.”

Carl Correa

Hoteling in the Worplace

“The system is completely integrated into your existing platform” The solution runs on your Microsoft / Office 365 tenant

Leonie Vega

How to get started

Prevent unoccupied rooms and desks

Prevent no shows

Optimize the available space usage and track the history of the utilization

Challange the pandemic situation with Covid19

Make a safer workspace for all

Connect employees to the people, places, and services they need to do their best work in your office, right from their smartphones


the solution runs on your Office Microsoft / Office 365 tenant in the Microsoft Cloud

You need an office 365 subscription like E1, E2, E3 or higher with the Power Platform Integartion

This depends on the number of locations, like offices and facilities you have. The number of desks and rooms is not relevant. Normally for a medium sized company with realisticly count a couple of days. The more time you have for the project the better for you.

You pay a one time fee. it depends on the number of locations you have. Like officies and facilities. The number of resources like desks and rooms does not matter. To get a free quote please contact us

Yes you can. But the solution is more tailerod for enterprises with hundreds of desk and rooms through different locations. Please contact us for further information

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